Super Epic One Night Hyper Space Adventure

by Cybernetika, Mellow Sonic, Shivaxi, Xenofish



This was made in 5 hours by the four of us, just collaborating through Skype. Probably the best collab session I've ever had. This turned out amazing so we decided to release this track, our very first collab track with all of us together, as its own single, and for FREE. Massive respect going out to Cybernetika, Mellow Sonic, and Xenofish.

Track Title Explanation:

"Super Epic" because it is, "One Night" because it was made in 1 night, "Hyper" because we were hyper as fuck when making this, also that was the project title, "Space" because everything needs "space" in the title, and "adventure" because...well it certainly was an adventure when making this beast.

Enjoy! And please don't forget to support the other artists involved, links below:

Mellow Sonic:


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Shivaxi Saratoga Springs, New York

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